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The Mystical: Magical Happenings and Tresum (Master List)

Below are all of the tidbits about the Magical Happenings at Dante's Cove and Tresum that I gathered from Season One & Season Two, Eps 1-4 of Dante's Cove. I’d like this information to be as complete as possible, so if you have something to add, please comment here with the information and part number. Thanks. *g*

Magical Happenings:


-Grace killed the woman and the butler, imprisoned Ambrosius, aged him and cursed him, “The kiss of a young man shall set you free.”
-Ambrosius forced Kevin to kiss him, and later to cut himself
-Kevin had visions and heard voices calling his name
-Toby saw the Old Woman, she gave him an old picture of Ambrosius with writing on the back, “For the years he craved light, we will have darkness.”
-Van paints pictures of the history of Dante’s Cove


-Ambrosius compels Kevin to come to him
-Kevin continues to hear voices and have visions
-Grace kills Kevin
-Toby sees Betty and Steven: 1) at the hospital and 2) in his bedroom
-Betty and Steven hum ‘This Old Man’ at the hospital
-Betty and Steven chant ‘moon and water, moon and water, moon and water...’
-Ambrosius imprisons Grace
-Ambrosius studied Tresum while imprisoned; claims he developed a sixth sense, extra sensory perception of the mystical, the powers of Tresum; was able to channel the mystical realm and harness it
-Kevin returns to life, presumably by Ambrosius’ kiss, and has no memory of Ambrosius
-Ambrosius feels Kevin’s return to life
-Grace is also aware of Kevin’s return to life, and knows that he has no memory of Ambrosius
-Betty and Steven appear to Ambrosius when he’s going to kill Toby with the axe
-Ambrosius killed Betty and Steven ‘to test his will to survive’
-Ambrosius was imprisoned for 165 years
-Ambrosius makes Cory his obedient servant
-Cory calls Kevin ‘the chosen one’
-Ambrosius ‘sees’ what’s happening with Cory
-Toby sees the Old Woman after Ambrosius killed her
-Van casts a spell to de-curse Kevin
-Ambrosius and Grace feel Van’s spell casting
-Grace breaks free of her chains


-Stephen and Betty save Toby from drowning
-Toby sees Stephen and Betty on the beach, on the hotel porch, in Van’s room (Kevin can’t see them, but Van can)
-Van is able to read the Book of Tresum, while Toby is not
-Van does a ‘reveal truth’ ritual on Toby to find out what happened to him the night before (when he almost drowned)
-Grace feels Van performing the ritual
-Ambrosius uses his powers to: make Adam accept a drink from him, make Brit give them the drink on the house, to make Kevin forgive him
-Van feels that something’s different just before she and Toby walk past Diana
-Ambrosius conjures Kevin in the mirror’s reflection so that it appears his own hands belong to Kevin
-Ambrosius has sex with Cory; uses a glamour spell to make him look like Kevin in the mirror’s reflection
-Ambrosius banishes Stephen and Betty??
-Grace ‘tosses’ Van’s cell phone with a wave of her hand, shoots blue light at Van
-the Book of Tresum flies into Van’s hand and protects her from Grace’s power
-Ambrosius prepares to kill Toby with his magic
-Grace ‘teleports’ out of Van’s bedroom
-Grace’s ‘magic’ appears blue, while Ambrosius’ appears red


-Ambrosius attempts to use magic to kill Toby
-Van uses magic to stop Ambrosius, and throws him out into the sea
-Van’s magic appears blue
-Van and Toby do a ‘forget’ spell on Michelle
-Ambrosius uses magic on Kevin (“Accept what is offered.”) and nearly compels a kiss out of him before being interrupted by Van
-Grace teleports into and out of Ambrosius’ car
-Van and Grace do a ‘repel’ spell on Kevin, a protective shield against Ambrosius’ magic
-Ambrosius attempts to use magic on Kevin (“Come to me, Kevin; come to me, Kevin...”) to compel him to accept a ride in his car
-Ambrosius attempts to stab Grace with a knife he wields with the power of his mind


-Grace puts Van into a trance state, she remembers her past, and draws Diana as well as Grace
-per Diana, Grace imprisoning Ambrosius made the springs go dry and the magic run weak, that everything was frozen in time, as is evidenced by the fact that, upon his release magic returned to Dante’s Cove and the student she’s been waiting for has appeared
-turns the moon blue; teaches Van how to do it, “reach up, feel the strands of moonlight in your hand”
-frees everyone of their inhibitions


-Van dips her hands in the spring and is now able to read the entire Book of Tresum
-Ambrosius used the sweat from the napkin to see into Kevin’s past (sees Kevin playing chess with Derrik, and with a john)
-Ambrosius watches him via the bracelet





-Grace is a High Priestess, and as such, it is her duty to procreate a female descendent, Commandment of Tresum, per Sadia
-Grace must master the powers of Tresum before she can transfer them to future generations, per Sadia
-“Once a daughter hath been born to a Tresum priestess, the father shall be sacrificed.” (Quoted by Sadia from The Book of Tresum)
-the sacrifice of the father increases the daughter’s powers, per Sadia
-“Their powers increase with each kill, if they begin a kill and do not finish it, their powers weaken, and thus they become susceptible.” (Van quotes from The Book of Tresum)
-“When the priestess has ripened and is ready to bear fruit of her own, a male consort shall be engaged for his seed in order that the daughters of Tresum shall prosper.” (Quoted by Sadia from The Book of Tresum)
-“But like the black widow spider, you must take the life of your husband once that birth has taken place, otherwise your daughter’s power will whither and die. You must obey this.” (Sadia to Grace)
-“It is the onus of the priestess to sacrifice her mate, for without this degeneration of Tresum is inevitable.” (Grace quotes from The Book of Tresum)
-“Do not falter, otherwise you fall prey to irreversible misery.” (Sadia to Grace)
-“The robes of Tresum would chant, Tresum will make you young, Tresum will make you rich, Tresum will bind you by a thousand chains, Tresum is full of warlocks and Tresum is full of witches.” (Toby quotes from The Book of Tresum)
-“There is a town called Dante’s Cove and there you should not go.” (Van quote from The Book of Tresum)


-Avatar: Grace believes that someone trained Van and sent her to Dante's Cove; asks Van who her avatar is


-Tresum witches are a special breed, per Grace
-Tresum is a jealous mistress, you can have no other in your life, the air you breathe, the reason that you wake and sleep, you must swear your life and power to serve it, and Grace, per Grace
-the solstice ritual requires two, per Grace
-Ambrosius must gain his aspirant willingly, without the use of magic, per Grace
-there is also a male power of Tresum, the sun power, per Diana
-Grace’s ancestors bastardized the text, thought that the prophecy, “Great power will be born from combining male and female power.” meant that they should kill the male and his powers would flow into his daughter, per Diana


-One female child carry’s the legacy of Tresum, and the power, only one, per Grace
-Grace waited to have a child because her mother told her that if she waited, she’d give birth to a powerful heir


-Grace tells Van that she will be able to read the book when she’s ready, the text will be ‘released’ to her
-female energy is moon and water; male energy is sun and fire
-Libra Solstice: power over time itself (Diana); an Avatar of power may right what’s wrong (Ambrosius); three nights from now an Avatar will stand on the Tresum stone at solstice and get a chance to go back in time and change one thing for the better (Diana); Rite of the Libra Solstice - to achieve the Libra Solstice, the Avatar most bring power beyond the individual; the bonded Aspirant supplies the power of the Tresum community... (Van reading from the parchment)
-being an heiress of Tresum is about obeying your Avatar until it’s your turn to be obeyed (per Grace)



Reveal Truth (Van):

Phases of the sacred moon
Empower me
Currents of the sacred waters
Bear me up
Sacred moon light the way
Sacred moon light the way
Sacred waters show me truth
Sacred waters show me truth
Sacred waters show me truth
Sacred waters show me truth

"Seeing" Spell (Grace):

Tresum, lend me your eyes.


Building up the power to kill Toby (Ambrosius):

Powers of Tresum feel my need
Come to me powers of fire

“Forget” spell (Van)

Phases of the sacred moon
Empower me
Currents of the sacred waters
Bear me up
Wander, oh mind, wander back
I call thee to come back and forget
Forget, Michelle, forget all

To see Ambrosius’ true form (Diana):

Powers of the sun
Hear your daughter’s call
Powers of Tresum
Shine your true light

“Repel” spell (Grace & Van):

Ambrosius has no claim
Shield Kevin from his power
Block all spells of love
Block all strands of magic

Grace & Van:
Power of the ocean
Power of the moon
Cancel the magic of smoke and flame
Repel one, repel all
Ambrosius over Kevin has no claim
Repel one, repel all
Ambrosius has no claim
Repel one, repel all
Shield Kevin from his power


Turn the moon blue (Grace):

Moon of silver, moon of white
Share your sheen of blue this night

Loosen Inhibitions (Grace):

Power of the ocean frees us
Power of Tresum frees us
Power of the moon frees us
Power of Tresum frees us
Tonight the power of Tresum frees me
Tonight the power of Tresum frees us all


See into Kevin’s Past (Ambrosius)

Body and mind
I fold myself into you
Reveal your past to me
Kevin, Kevin


Power of Tresum
Fill this vessel

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